Sunday, 30 January 2011

Greatess missed TV show opportunities Ever!

Hi I thought I post about main stream TV shows that I grow up with in the 80’s. The shows I tuned into every week hoping that leading female would be kidnapped or tied up. But sadly the show never delivered. So I decided to create my own count down in honour of this.

5. Remington Steele

Wasn’t a big fan of the show but I did think Stephanie Zimbalist was kinda hot. You thought that she get the treatment being a female detective can lead to all kind of bound and gagged situations but apparently not. Makes you think did she have a no gag clause in her contract. The show ran for five years and not once did she get gagged.

4. Knight Rider

Bonnie from knight Rider, as a kid I loved this show a talking car that solved crime. It was brilliant. Though I always had a thing for sexy female mechanic Bonnie! Sadly the writers could think of a scene where she could be bound and gagged. Though I recall one episode where she was kidnapped by Kit evil twin brother (yes it did happen) but it failed to deliver. Though in fairness this series delivered a lot of female damsels in distress so I can’t complain to much!

3. V original series!

Jane Badler now normally I say the idea of a female lizard woman bound and gagged would put me off. But in her case I’ll make the exception. Again simple idea couldn’t the resistance tired to kidnapped Diane at least once. What a great idea it could have been for us to see her bound and gagged. In that sexy form fitting uniform!

2. Charlie Angels!

Some might claim that the Angels did produce a few scenes during it run. But hey when did all the Angels get the treatment together huh? Like never. Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith never got bound and gagged once on the show! Only poor Kate Jackson got the treatment! Couldn’t the writers of thought of a way for all the Angels to get captured and tied and gagged is that so bloody hard to do?

1. Buck Rogers

This show should been called Suck Rogers! Due to the cheap sets and same footage they used each week of star fighters fighting Airfix models. That aside there was one reason to watch that show Erin Gray! A woman born to wear Spandex catsuits. Did she get bound and gagged by bad guys, Did she hell! This is one the great opportunities ever lost. Also she never got enough screen time on the show for my liking. To much of Buck making stupid puns! As he fought bad guys who the hell did he think he was James Bond?

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  1. Bonnie was such a lost opportunity in Knight Rider. She should've been bound and gagged in the episode Knight Sting and it would have been perfect with the dress she wore in that episode. Darn it!