Thursday, 3 February 2011

comic Book Writing competition

Attention All!!! Competition to write your own comic book!

In honour of the fact we reached over 1,000 comics We here at adventure Bound comix’s are running a competition where any member (past/present) can submit a comic story. Best story wins will be commissioned by myself and posted on the site at a later date this year!
You can use one of the existing characters or create your own. The rules are simple it can a story between 5 – 15 pages your choice! Minimum 5 the maximum 15 pages.
You chose any theme sci if, fantasy, modern day or anything else!. The characters can be warriors, damsels, spies. Though I prefer an all female universe I’m not against the odd male character featuring.

The only topic I won’t allow are following:

· No rape
· No Pregnant women!
· No Killing fantasy’s
· Hentiat stuff I don’t like the fact they look child like!
· No Hardcore S&M (light S & M is allowable)
· No spider/giant plant fetishes! Women caught in a web being or about to be eaten by spiders/man eating plants (strangely there a lot of that on the internet and deviant!)
I want you to get involved and enjoy the site and a fan story I think a nice idea to get people involved.

So please for those who have my direct e-mail address start writing and e-mail me! For the other send enquiry e-mail via the site and I’ll get back to you ASAP with my contact e-mail address. Closing date for all story’s is 7th MARCH 2011. I hope to read many great story’s and pick a winner! so good luck and get writing!

Note last winner had his story commissioned was Karyn Strongblood story so it does happen.

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