Tuesday, 26 April 2011

first off i want to say SORRY for updating the blog but sometimes life and running a site that has to be updated on a weekly basis can take it out of you.

to make up for this and to start getting me back in the mood I'm showing some exclusive art on this blog where you get the chance to see new projects developing and sketches all for FREE! tell me a site that does that!

ENJOY and more to come! We hope to start a poll on the characters and story lines that members like so to improve the site!


  1. When will the Countess story get an update? I've recently cancelled my account but I'll be more then ready to submit another one when the story is finished.

    Speaking of which, any more updates on Vixen DiD by Loz or Yacermino?

  2. I have some more pages nearly finished. In two weeks or less, it will be emailed to the administrator, don't worry. It's great to see people who enjoy my comics so much. Thank yuou for that.

  3. Hi Wisdomsnow

    Just to let you know Loz recently done some outstanding pinup workand is due to start another Karyn Strongblood story with cameo apperance from Vixen.

    New pages from Yacermino this Monday for the Countess story line!

    Bob wood