Monday, 30 July 2012

What happening at the site...

Hi guys

First off sorry for the tech problems we had on the site! it been a pain in the arse but the site is practically working again. Not to bore you but the server for the site runs from was damaged and since then we transferred to another server. In that transfer process some comic pages were lost (please don't ask me how I'm not IT tech). It appears only to be Honey B Black Widow Affair. I will upload these pages as soon as the designers solves the problem. Anyone with Ccbill password they should work with out any problems. We still have to repair the update page as well. But please check here every Monday and you see their full update on the site  from now on!

 This week we start a long serial Honey B The Amazon Nation Saga Part 1. It a three part saga that reveal what the Amazon General motives are and how Honey B will fit into her plans!

Preview :

Included is a new front cover for Amorim new comic project. It Vixen: Thorne Solo! though this is Thorne first solo story. That be coming out in a couple of weeks time. We also ask you to join our blog page here as we previewing more new art and comic pages in the coming week. So please join the blog and spread the word!

We got lots of new art for you over the summer so stick with us we have over 1,600 pages of comics and 170 pinups for you. With growing archive section that keeps on filling up. So there lots to see and read!


Bob :)


  1. Vixen tied up is just wonderful =]

  2. can't wait to see the new Vixen story as well as the rest of Cory's gold. Honey B is good but prefer the Vixen and Barbarienne stories. Thanks

  3. Hi Guys just to let you know Vixen will be posted next monday with out fail. Pages are done justing in editting as we speak! So Gina I hoep you may join again for another Vixen adventure!