Monday, 5 November 2012

Monday BIGGER Update...

05.11.2012 - New update wit more art then ever. Plus as promised we got six pages of Apoc World The Rescue for you. Plus we got the two pinup we owe members from last week in pinup gallery. As promised Rose & Crown comic post today, first five pages by Poser Hobbit, it a new series that different to anything we done before. It a big welcome back to one of the best poser artist around.

Please note always check out blog page as we will do full updates here with more preview art and full description and updates of the site. We are re-mastering Shadows Embrace to former glory (we not forgotten :) for you so that will be posted this week once completed.

Please note we have over 60 comic books totalling 1,700 pages of girls in bondage and action. Please check out work it good! with growing galleries every week!

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