Thursday, 20 December 2012

Happy Christmas to all Members & Non - Members!

Hi Everyone & Happy Christmas to one and all!

First off this week we did update on Monday. But I was very ill and was unable to update this blog. We got five new Pinups by 3DStone for you of Celeste and new character Bloody Mary! Also the saga continues as Jet and Honey trying to fight the Amazon Nation!


Also a free pinup by Loz off Kat as she pays a visit to Baroness and Jet. I don't think Kat leaving those presents for them some how! Loz did this in a day so hats off to the man skills!
Have a Merry Christmas and we gots lots of new comics on the way. Infact you we will be posting some this week so you can see the benefits of membership.
Bob Wood

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