Wednesday, 15 May 2013

CCbill Announcement...

SITE Announcement!! :(


Dear Members

Just inform you that there will be a slight change to ccbill membership. Due to the fact that MasterCard (out of sheer creed). Is now charging me a whooping $500 a year to process your payments your membership fee something they were doing for free until recently. I have said NO as i feel this creed on parts of the banks but I was told that I was high risk sale (what the hell that means). So please be advised, after the May 24th 2013, we no longer be accepting MasterCard payments and all accounts set to rebill using MasterCard will be disabled. Please note this is CCbill (not me) stopping this.

We want you to stay with us, so ask you to please re-register with another credit cardor debitCard. It only Master Card we NOT using because of their creed. Or if your interested I'm open to paypal monthly fee for membership.

If you wish to contact me on if you wish to enquiry about making paypal payment which I can create passwords for individual members.

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