Monday, 22 July 2013

Monday Update 22.07.2013


Hi Folks we have updated today I swear!

Our update page is being fixed on the site so there no notice informing you of this week update. But that why we got the blog to inform you all!

First off we got five pages Captives of the Pirate there lots of bound and gagged women for all your enjoyment. Also we drawing to the final 15 pages of Honey B Amazon Saga Part II. As we see if Honey can succeed in her mission. Please note that comic will be Honey B Amazon Saga Part II End Chapters this is where the next 15 pages will be posted. The reason being is you can only post 100 pages on any one comic. So we thought we post the last few in separate issue.


Also just to show you that membership dollars are paying off we cut a new series that should be out on Monday Shanna The She Devil. Not going to tell you too much about it as that spoil the surprise. But here's a teaser of the art! it good stuff!


More next week we promise!

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