Monday, 19 August 2013

This Week Update 19.08.2013

Hi Guys

Yes this week update is a little late (SORRY) but it worth it just done the last five pages of Vixen Cory Gold it now complete in full colour art by Yacermino. So fans of him will have a real treat today. Also more pinup work from our new artist SMORK he good and the Professional characters are being developed into a comic book as we speak. I promise you that!

For those fans who are still waiting on Honey B Amazon Nation Saga, no we not forgotten about it. The final chapter is in development as we speak. So you'll find out what happened to Jet and what Honey fate is!

Below a few character designs we thought you show you. If you like to see them bound & gagged then join the site and see tons of pictures!

More to come and Enjoy at the site!


Bob Wood

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