Monday, 30 September 2013

Monday Update and it a good one...

Hi Folks

This week we got some great art and also good news regarding future comics on the site. First off the art the final six pages of Honey B Amazon Nation Saga part II is posted. Readers will find out the fate of Honey and Jet or perhaps not :) Added to this we got another five sexy pages of The Heist by RedRobot and the action heats up between the cat burglar and agents!

More importantly we hope to have new pages of Amazon Nation Saga Final Chapter by next week for you. So we can continue the adventure we promise you it will be exciting finish to long story. Explosions and lots of women in bondage we promise you.

Here a sneak preview of the front of the comic book for fans and non fans alike. If your not fan then I suggest you join and you can see more stuff like this! :)

Bob Wood

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