Monday, 30 December 2013

Update 30.12.2013 - This being the last update of 2013...

Hi Folks

Just to celebrate the fact we still around and have members spite the fact we had server failure, password problems and acts of God that have effected the site. We thought we give you a special update being it the final one of 2013.

But do not fear we got more comics coming in 2014 for you and lots of pinups. Since it last update we are giving you 15 page update of In The Claws of Lady Sung. Which completes that series and it doesn't let you down either it great ending! excellent art and story telling by Yacermino. There be other story's from him next year for you!

For you information we posting some character pinups on New years day at the site for you so check it up on the site pinup section for new pinups. There be a mixture of Bondage and character profiles. Plus we post preview panels on the blog on New days of the Sheena story to keep you hooked!


Bob Wood!

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