Saturday, 12 April 2014

Server Up again!

Hi Guys

Quick note the server up and running. To make it up to you. I will update with 10 pinup plus last remaining three pages of Amazon Nation tomorrow on Sunday.

Please note I will keep the site up and perhaps keep it as archive site one off fee for new members. Old members will still have access but you may get charged a fee I'm looking into this with CCbill at present. If I could let old members stay on with free membership I would but I have negotiate with CCBill first. Please note we are going to take down a few old comics to make room. As this appears to be effecting membership system with CCbill. So if there anything you like I suggest you start saving it!

No matter what happens the old site is most likely going to get torn down and rebuilt the so much wrong with it and IT support is awful!

Please forgive my lack of updates but I hope you understand that everything is going crazy as I'm getting ready to go operational tour and finish my civilian job.

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