Monday, 17 September 2012


Guys it come to my attention that not enough people are visiting and joining the excellent Yacermino website.

Yacermino has put together excellent site with some of his best comic and pinup artwork he done. For a small fee you can get access to lots of comic art galleries. Without fan support he cannot carry on this site for ever. Yacermino has given lots of free work over the years to people who love this fetish and never asked for anything in return. So come on lets support a fellow artist who produced some great comic scenes and books. I for one love the Irina and Duchess series. Not to mention his one off comic books and his Vixen series which helped define the character look and personality (see below).


Yacermino like myself didn't open our website as scheme to get rich quick, we just want to create art and story's that people out there like and with your funds  this happens. To put that in maths terms,  80% of the art produced on Adventure Bound Comix's is paid for by your subscriptions. The same applies for Yacermino because every day he drawing he not working (therefore not earning). So you see subscription pay for his time to produce the art you want... I'll get off my soap box now and let you enjoy this week update which features five pages from Yacermino Vixen Cory Gold (what a coincidence you say) and five pages of Amazon Nation.

Included in my rant is small sample of the fine artwork you find on my site but heck of alot more on his website Yacermino! Yacermino website!


  1. I honestly think if he was to get a more user friendly means of signing up it would improve his membership base quite a bit

  2. I have tried to sigh up but I do not have a Visa card or payPal account -- is there any other way to join ie. cash or check -- I do have AmX and Master Car -- Please let me know how it can be done -- I am very anxious to see his body of work and what he plans for the future -- please respond to my e-mail address -- -- please put ANSWER in the subject box so I do not delete it as spam
    Thanks for your attention to this matter!