Monday, 24 September 2012

Monday Update Delayed...

Hi Guys

No I've not forgotten to do this week update. I assure you i got two weeks of art to post this week for you since i will be away for a week on business trip next week. Here the evidence new panels from Amazon Nation Part I.

But no it another day at Adventure Bound Comix's when something goes wrong just to make my life more interesting while my IT support repeatly ignore my requests to fix the bloody thing!

The site should be up and running i hope by tomorrow while my IT support explain to me why this keeps on happening. However they'll will not explain this in English but in computer jargon that no f**ker understands.

Almost forgot to mention folks for those who been with us for some time we will be reposting an old comic series that got lost "Shadows Embrace" excellent art and new pages to follow this fantasy adventure that your sure to love. So stick with us we got lots of art and comics while we make it up to you for slight techinal fault this week!



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