Friday, 15 February 2013

Site watch: Bitchwars-illustrated

Hi Guys
Starting a new post on the blog called Site Watch. Simply put i want to let other people know about great comic adult websites related to our own beloved Adventure Bound Comix's. It my aim to find other sites and write reviews. More importantly honest ones, since times are hard why waste money on site that might look good on the outside but have little on the inside. I won't recommend a site i wouldn't spend money on. Also if there sites you know of please use the feedback to let me know off and if there good we post them here on our blog.

First off  i felt this website should be shared with you all (and no I'm not being paid to plug this site
 :-) ) called Bitchwars-illustrated. I see alot sites out there that quite frankly there over priced and the material is few and quite poorly done. This website does not fall into either category of that type of websites. The art style is unique and there apears to be lots of pages of art. It a comic book site specialising in females fighting primarily, though there is regular bondage theme in the story lines it not a heavy feature of the site. The site aimed at the Adult comic market and see below different characters and setting. So there something for everyone.

It created by a artist called Splish he got his own classic style that retro with beautifully drawn and coloured artwork. Some of the pages remind me of the great 1970's bondage artist Robert Bishop, but with Splish he has own take on his genre.  Though the site focus is on women fighting it does have light bondage in some of the story lines. There tones of free view of his story lines and art so you can see what buying into.


I hope the artist keeps on updating these fine story's but we will have to wait and see.



 Bob Wood

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