Monday, 18 February 2013

This week update 18.02.2013

This week's update 18.02.2013

First off guys we got a great update for you this week. It all quality art both Poser and Pencil for you.

I like to introducing Blood diamond! our new and first superhero character. I've always been reluctant to create a superhero character when I opened the site. As I felt the story plot wise there quite predicable. Example Wonder girl gets captured in warehouse Boring :(. So I looked at various comics female characters around and worked on a profile for a new character. Blood Diamond character has no superpowers but is highly skilled and athletic. In time we will discover her history and her own agenda that she working to. 


Short comic book for now and more story's later on this year. Pencilled by the excellent Amorim. I hope you like this character and i have some excellent ideas planned for future story's.


Also we got another five pages of the brilliant Honey B Amazon Nation Part 11 pages 47 - 51. Will Kat escape the Amazon Nation. Only time will time, and I'm certainly not going to tell you!



Bob Wood!

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