Thursday, 4 April 2013

Important Notice...

 Hi Guys

I've been made aware by some members that ccbill passwords have not been working for you. For those members who have experienced this problem. I have spoken to ccbill today who checked their systems they state there no problems and that all passwords should work.

For those experiencing this problem please first log into the site and try the ccbill password again. If it works then please e-mail and let me know it solved. For those folks who password does not work still then please e-mail here at a new e-mail address setup for member enquiries as the old e-mail address had bad habit of putting members e-mails into spam folder. So please use this e-mail address for Adventure Bound Comix's enquiries:

Also folks if you have a story you not submitted yet for the competition we running then please send them to the above e-mail address.

More art and updates to follow we promise!


Bob Wood!

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