Monday, 1 April 2013

Monday Special Update 01.04.2013

Happy Easter Everyone

As a part of the site continuing efforts to give members an occasional freebie. We posting an 15 page update this week for you instead of the usual 10 page one. The extra 5 pages are on us! So first off we got 8 pages of Blood Diamond and she and Det Jones both fight to defeat Trisha X and her Hench women. This completes this story but we already got a longer story in development for Blood Diamond i promise you.


Not only that but 7 pages of Duchess Von Dominax, also completing that story as well. As the action get hot with lots of bound women. Also are writing competition is soon going to draw to close so guys if you have a story you like to see commissioned start sending your ideas in. Otherwise they will never get made!


More to look forward to next week with more pages from Honey B Amazon Nation Saga what will happen to Kat you may wonder? plus we got some pages and ideas in the pipeline for Vixen and new story books  with fresh characters.

Also you may noticed this week update included a couple of preview panels. For members and non-members alike we going to start posting on more regular basis a preview panel or panels. So for non-members I hope you consider joining because there alot more art like that.


Bob Wood

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