Sunday, 30 June 2013

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Hi Folks

As promised more from the world of the Internet and sites that i think you like. As a part of my ongoing personal interest. I've been looking at fetishes and boy there alot out there. In particular wrestling websites that offer some attractive women in little clothing fighting each other. I have to say the sites are endless. It possible there more websites on this topic then bondage. But there is still quite a few bondage type films out there on these sites that be useful to use.
So here a few sites we think you like or certainly visit and rip off as much free content as you can! :)

London Wrestling Studio - UK website been around a few years they hosts live matches and commonly do mixed wrestling and female v female. They also do their own and custom films which a few certainly of interest to us. 
Films like The Stolen laptop, Jewel Thieves2 - Pay back. There certainly a fair amount of bondage in those two custom films. There more films but check them out and see for yourself.



kickass kandy - Not a bondage site but if you like British girls wearing cat suits kicking men's arses then Kickass Kandy is the site for you. Lots of pretty girls fighting blokes. Reminds me of a modern day The Avengers with Emma Peel but no John Steed involved. Excellent models and decent quality filming.


Next Global Crisis - This time superhero but alot of free content on the site. Lots of female superheroes fighting bad girls. Pictures and promo trailers, really good stuff. Some light bondage in some of the story's but nothing to serious. Still it a good shout and worth pointing out to viewer!


Fight Girlz 2000 An US website alot of videos the company seems to be been around for a long time! that light amount of bondage in their films but honestly not be let down on that bases to buy their films for that. If you like some good fighting scenes with chicks in them then this site is better. Lots of storyline films as opposed to just wrestling scene filmed. So i actually liked the films.  
That all for the moment we have Monday update for you as usual with a new comic on the way!

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