Sunday, 23 June 2013

Site Watch...Female Superhero videos/films

Site Watch

Hi Guys i know it been a while but I've been stuck in a rut so to speak. But I'm slowly getting back on track and now I wanted to spread the word and point out some of the free content that available on the web. Also wanted to make it up to you by showing you some of the exciting videos and DVD out there for people like us. This week site watch is purely female Superhero theme. It seems there a big market for female superheros getting into adventures and fighting bad guys and some times getting captured. Both adult porn companies but also small producers who just love comic films.

First up is is a independent blog page which previews all sort of adult to small independent superhero films. Those being the type where the main hero is female and fighting other men or women. Having watched a few previews some of the films are actually quite good and real effort gone into the making of these films. Lots of stuff to look at that keep you there for hours. See link below for a typical video you find.

Another site interest is same theme as before but if you like fighting super hero females then you like this producer. They got lots of videos on their site. But on Youtube as well. Here one of their videos i think you like and a couple of pictures. All there models appear quite hot. Though not much bondage.

Last but  not least is it not super hero series quite the opposite. It from a German company who produced a long running series called Unhappy End series dedicated to long running thriller series showing women as beautiful and dangerous. Lots of bondage and mostly all female cast. Though it in German but the language of Bondage is universal in my opinion. Here link and a few pictures from the site.


Also check out this site is linked to Unhappy End lots of preview pictures of other videos this company does. Not glossily website compared to say US producers but still very good.
Enjoy i hope to post more worthy website in the next few weeks and of course tomorrow Monday update at the site we promise more art!
Bob Wood

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