Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Adventure Bound Comix's Download store!

Hi Guys we finally gone into the download market and are offering comic books to members and non members alike. Though if your member of Adventure Bound comixs then i honestly don't see why you want to buy download comics you already have access to. But if you feel like it please do :)

We only open the store yesterday and posted our first five comic books. Both traditional art and poser comics. They vary in price according to size. So for a one off payment you can download and own a Adventure Bound Comic. Be the envy of all your friends!

So please check out the link. We will updating with more comics this weekend and it intention to offer more of our older comic book from our large catalogue of art for the download market. All new comics will still only be available only from the main site and not posted on the store for some time. There two reasons why I'm doing this, first I can generate a smaller income and use funds from the store to pay for art meaning I can keep costs down and i hope in turn keep membership fees down. Secondly if you visited this blog regularly but were undecided about joining the site then buy and download a comic book that much cheaper then membership and see what we got to offer you. We hope you like our work and might convince you to join the website. We think you'll like what you find.

Also featuring on the download store is a comic book we haven't posted on Adventure Bound comix's site. The story of  "Vixen & The Amazons" her rescue of female Amazons from a cruel male Warrior. It a female domination story over males so it was not posted for that reason on main website. However it is available to buy from store. It in colour and fully scripted short story, and very enjoyable.



Bob Wood

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