Tuesday, 12 March 2013

This Weeks Update 11/03/2013

Hi Folks

Yes we did update yesterday but because I was so tired I needed to sleep before I dropped dead! First the good news there more new pages from Rose & Crown as the girls attempt to Capture China White. Also five new pages of Apoc World The Betrayal As we get to meet new Character Celeste.

Now for the word warning sadly everything is going up artists fee, website hosting hell even the cheque I receive in the post the postage gone up for that as well. Sadly we will be increasing the membership fee. But don't panic this won't happen till April at the earliest and the fee will only go up by a small amount  2 - 3 dollars at worst! Those joining the site however will have to pay a little bit more as the galleries have grown quite large and now we are on the verge 2,000 pages of comics something we quite proud off. We passed the costs of running and creating art on to new members not old members who remind loyal to us.

So please stay with us with have some great new comics and for a small price increase you get to see them all. No I'm increasing prices so i can spend the money on ill gotten gains on fedroa's and mink coats! Sadly I've had to take a second job to support the site (see photo...)

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