Thursday, 14 March 2013

Site Watch: Zizki Comics...

Hi Folks


Been looking around the internet when I stumbled onto this website I have to say it got the biggest archive of adult comic art I've seen and it all FREE! yes I mean it no hidden membership no joining up fee nothing!

It gets better they have every type of adult genres that have ever been published. For those of us who can  remember Eros comics and Penthouse Comics they got them and artists from the 1950's. Plus some of the greatest artist who ever worked on bondage and fetish comics.

Thought this site is too good to let pass so I feel the need to pass on the news!

The site categories art under the artist name so if you adult artists then he likely to be on this site.

  • Franco Suadelli

  • Eric Staton

  • Gene Bilbrew

  • Wicz

My personal recommendations would be Blond series by Franco Saudelli and Doc Dare by Penthouse Comics great adventure and bondage comics. They also got a one of the biggest collections of Eric Staton stories and comics that alone makes the site worth the visit. Back then  storyline were important as the adult content and  the art was first rate. Sadly Franco appears to no longer draw the Blond series and Penthouse comics stopped publishing well over 10 years ago.


That just off the top of my head. Please check out the art and enjoy it is free. But you can make a small donation via paypal. So the odd few bucks wouldn't be a bad thing considering the amount of free art your getting.


Don't say I don't do anything for my members. :)



Bob Wood

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