Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Site Watch: The power of Women in Spandex!

Hi Guys

This week I bring you excellent forum site The power of women in Spandex. It got tones of photos and art all free and easy to join. Members update the galleries so you'll find daily updates on most days.



To be honest most of the galleries are worth a visit. Though it not a bondage site it still very good and there beautiful  women in spandex that alone makes it worth a visit too. Only point to note don't bother with the old galleries just join the forum section of the site that where all the pictures are. You can spend hours just looking at the pictures that members have loaded. There different threads in the forum sports, fetish, mainstream TV and Cosplay etc. I've included some excellent pictures from a number of galleries.

Though i share this gem with you. Visit it and enjoy!




Bob Wood!

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