Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Behind the scenes...

Hi Folks

Today I thought I show you a little about the process that goes into making comics. For me it one the most interesting parts of the whole process. Seeing an written idea transformed into a comic book. Now if the process is done by a top artist like Amorim that it really great to see.

This is new comic that in development and is a Sequel to Sheena Island story we ran. We like to show you how idea is developed from paper to sketch, then to 1st draft. It also gives you a chance to see the new comic coming soon!

1. The script here a page showing the action and speech on the panels laid out. Not that interesting I grant you, but no less important. We picked Page 3 of the comic just show random page.

Sheena : Drake Revenge!

Page 3

Panel 11

In the sky three helicopters approaching the group they are large military style attack gunships. Can we include the logo on the side of the helicopters of drake company (see pic Drake Logo) it just gives them uniformity of the bad guys.

Caption: The celebrating would be cut short as intruders would arrive in military helicopters.

Panel 12

Sheena, The shadow and the Princess are looking up into the sky at the direction of the Helicopters. The copters aren’t in this panel. The princess is curious at the sight of the helicopters, Sheena is suspicious and feels threatened by the presences of the machines.

Princess: Sheena perhaps it Dr Easton returning from mainland!

Sheena: Dr Easton arrives by boat never by air. We should retreat now before it too late.
Panel 13

Cut to the ground as bombs exploded close to jungle warriors some are already feeling the effects of the bomb it is a sleeping gas. The warriors are falling to the ground other are coughing effected by the gas dropping their spears and shields. One of the warriors armed with a shield and spear is trying to remain standing. There small explosions going off around them and smoke raising.

Jungle Amazon: Amazons repel attackers!

Panel 14

Cut to close up of a door way of one the helicopters as a female gunner (see pic solider this is how I like her mask and uniform to look like). She firing a large machine gun like a M60 variant except instead of bullet feed of ammunition going into the weapon it feed of tranquiliser darts

Door gunner: Night, Night jungle bimbos!

Panel 15

Cut to Night Amazons as they are hit on exposed arms and neck by the darts from the helicopter.

2. The basic sketch here the artist sets out the layout and generally will send me a copy to see if his version matches up with the script. I've worked with Amorim for 2 years now and generally finds he gets what I'm looking for! (please excuse the scan that how it was sent to me so there nothing I can do improve it)

3. Here the more polished version as you the characters are more defined and the action is clearer then before. At this point we can still make changes or improve certain panels.

4. The final page inked and ready for word balloons to be inserted. As you see from the process a lot of time and detail goes into it for your enjoyment. For me it great to see the whole process.

Hope you like this look behind the scenes of comic making from a great Artist. More to come real soon.


Bob Wood

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