Monday, 3 March 2014

March Monday Update....03.03.2014

Hi Folks

This week is exclusive Honey B Amazon Nation update for you and also the first update of March 2014 (it going too quickly). We know people love  the series and so you should it excellent series by myself and Doug. Another reason why we doing 10 page update is because a artist (who’ll remain nameless) forgot about his deadlines and his dog ate the art I'm assured that the truth or part of it! Either way we deliver the art every Monday.


Folks those who recently joined the site and may be experiencing technical problems we should have you access by tomorrow I promise. My designer and CCBill are working on the problem as we speak. I’m not technical person so I don’t know why it not working (honest).

Thought I post this cool screen shots of Honey B new laptop just to show you some of the details Doug does to make this comic book so good. I know it not a classic bondage shot but it detail that Doug puts into every panel that makes the money shots so good.



Regards Bob Wood

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  1. Hey Bob. Good to see you recognize the technical problems that I - and apparently other new members - are experiencing at the moment. Hope you manage to get it sorted out, as these last few updates look very interesting indeed.