Friday, 7 March 2014

Don't Panic! UPDATE...

Hi Guys

First off I'm aware of the password problem with the site and have already taken steps to correct the fault. There nothing wrong with the site or your passwords. To put it simply ccbill and my website server where not able to contact due to some missing technical  data. This has been provided and I hope CCBILL should be able to have the problem sorted out in hour or so.

The reason I've not emailed everyone explaining this would meant I be explaining the problem not actually solving it. Will update the blog once the problem is fixed.


CCbill have confirmed the passwords should now work and that means for both new members and existing one's. There is a more long term issue that we will address in the mean time but more importantly you can access site.

I've decided to keep the pictures of the Kittens for your enjoyment! what would the internet be without pictures and videos cute kittens being cute!

Please don't be anger with us, I Luv you!

The eagerly awaited sequel of Kittens book. Kittens & Friends a must have read!

Regards Bob Wood

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